Quantcast Burst in Style: Mena Suvari: Effortlessly Chic In Vanity Fair

Dec 24, 2010

Mena Suvari: Effortlessly Chic In Vanity Fair

  Mena Suvari, who has been under the media's radar in the recent years, is the star of the December 2010 issue of Vanity Fair Italia.
  The lovely actress showed off some glamorous looks. She looked party-ready in sprarkly embelished dresses a with her golden locks flowing freely.
  In the interview Mena discusses her marriage to  the Italian music producer Simone Sestito, children plans and career choices. 
 Here is a snippet:

On remarrying: "Yeah, who would have thought. Not that I had decided not to marry ever again, but ... Here I did not expect. This time, however, was completely different. Meanwhile, we had a proper ceremony in the church. "

The importance of church ceremony: "For me, for my husband and also for his family.I believe in God, but as a young man I never attended any church. And, before marriage, I converted to Catholicism "

On Italy: "My husband's family lives in Italy, near Rome.The marriage was celebrated at the Vatican by the priest who married my in-laws. It was very beautiful, traditional.

On children: "My dream would be to have two children, a boy and a girl '


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