Quantcast Burst in Style: Anne Hathaway Looks Chic In Gotham Magazine

Dec 3, 2010

Anne Hathaway Looks Chic In Gotham Magazine

  Anne Hathaway, currently promoting her latest movie "Love and other drugs " with Jake Gyllenhaal, is the cover girl of the January 2011 issue of Gotham Magazine. The actress looks very classy and beautiful wearing classical suits and trench coats. 
  The photoshoot is quite minimalistic but beautiful - there is nothing superfluous to distract our attention from the stylish clothes and flawless Anne.
 Here is a snippet from her interview:

On chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal:
If you don’t have chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal, then there’s probably something wrong with you, because he is the most insanely charismatic man. All you have to do is listen to him and you’re instantly charmed.

On roles she wishes to play:
 Pretty much all of Ibsen. Most Shakespeare. Most of the roles I’d love to play are in the theater. In terms of my career, I would like to kill an alien at some point. I would like to drive a spaceship and maybe be a spy. I’d like to kick a little ass.

AH: Laura Linney 
is one of my favorite actresses. Sometimes when I am trying to remind myself what good acting looks like, I turn to her performances. Oh, and Meryl Streep, obviously, and Sigourney Weaver.Cate Blanchett never ceases to amaze. Marion Cotillard is a new one for me. I’m just in awe of what that woman does. Did you see Inception? I mean, all of that talent and all that emotion… she’s just absolutely stunning. I am so lucky—there are a lot of great women to learn from.

On desire to change herself:
 I’d love to increase my ability to go with the flow. I can be a worrier.

Something most people don’t know:
 I like to ride horses—it is pure joy. I can’t tolerate spicy food—I have a weak stomach. Oh, I am a terrible driver. Like, absolutely horrible. Like, fear the road if I’m on it.

Guilty pleasures:
Watching adolescent comedies—the gross ones starring teenage boys. When I’m really tired I love to watch that particular kind of fun and raunchy humor, like Superbad. Another guilty pleasure is furniture design magazines. They’re like porn for me.

Anne Hathaway For Gotham Magazine 
Anne Hathaway For Gotham Magazine 

Anne Hathaway For Gotham Magazine 

Anne Hathaway For Gotham Magazine 


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