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Oct 26, 2010

DIY Beauty Treatments for Fall

Fires of fall

  Fall is one of my most favourite seasons for many reasons: beautiful colors, chilly, but goo weather, awesome fashion, lots of pumpkins and apples. However, there is one thong that I don't like too much - the lack of beautiful sunny days when you can just sit and absorb the sun energy ... I bet you miss that too.
 But if there is one benefit in the absence of our beloved sun, it is the beauty treatments that are available to DIY this season.


When hearing the term "skin whitening" or "skin lightening" many people think of Asian beauties that practice it year-round in order to achieve that perfect porcelain complexion. That perfection is every woman's dream and often thought of as impossible, but that is not quite true. The spots and marks are the most common flaws that prevent us from acquiring our ideal skin. However, these simple whitening treatments that you can do at home are an easy and effective way of saying goodbye to these imperfections. The reason autumn is the best season for skin lightening is because there is no sun which would interfere with the process - you aim to even out your skin tone and get rid of superfluous pigment and the sun rays increase production of pigment.
 My personal favourite are two recipes:

 Lemon Scrub

LemonWhat it does: brightens your skin, removes scars, speeds up pimples drying, removes old skin cells
How often: depends on your sensitivity and skin type. If you are on the oily side and not too sensitive, you can do it almost every day. If you have normal or dry skin I suggest seening how your skin reacts to it the first treatment and estimate accordingly - if it gets too red it wuld be best to take it easy: not more than 2 times a week.

Remember to wear a SPF cream daily even if it doesn't seem sunny. Also don't continue the treatment , or at least not with the same frequency after you have achieved your goal.

Ingredients: natural lemon juice, sugar

Method: Clean your face with your daily cleaner, rinse with hot water so that your pores open. Mix some lemon juice and sugar in a small bowl. Be careful not to dilute the sugar. Now grab some of it with your hands and start rubbing it into your skin, emphasizing on the problematic areas. You may scrub your lips as well - it makes them really smooth. Keep buffing for a couple of minutes (if your skin is not irritated you could do it longer) and rinse with cool water. Makes your skin amazingly smooth and glowing.

Basic Pearl Powder Mask
What it does: pearl powder has cooling, disinfectant, and balancing properties for the skin.It whitens, gives moisture where needed and dries the oily regions of the skin. Also has anti-age effect. It's been known for its amazing effect for centuries in Asia and used in the Chinese medicine.

How often: a couple of times a week. It's good for all skin types.

Ingredients: pearl powder, honey, milk

Method: clean your face. Mix honey and powder ,adding a little milk, till reaching a nice smooth mixtue that you can spread evenly on your skin. Once you put the mask on your face it's time to relax. Lay down and listen to some relaxingmusic you enjoy. Keep it on for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse. 


In autumn the weather is often cool and windy. The wind has drying effect on your skin and it may start peeling and looking grayish and every wrinkle becomes more visible. However, this season also has a some great natural remedies to compensate for our lost moisture.

Pumpkin Face Mask 
halloween is just around the corner
What it does: pumpkin contains vitamins A an C and alpha-hydroxy acids, which clean the skin, make it soft , have soothing and revitalizing effect. 

How often: as much as you'd like. 

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of mashed cooked pumpkin, half a teaspoon honey, a little milk. 

Method: cleanf your face before putting the yummy mixture on your face. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes and rinse with warm water

Apple Face Mask
What it does: soothes and moisure the skin. 

How often: as much as you'd like. 
Ingredients:1/4 of an apple-gratered, 1/2 teaspoon Half and half (or plain greek yogurt), 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon fine oatmeal 

clean your face beforehand. Put the mixture on and relax for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Celebrity Inspiration of The Day: Taylor Swift

Taylor rocked two outifts while on the stage of the "Today" show. She is promoting her new album "Speak Now" and performed "Mine" and "Speak Now" wearing a silver derss and a casual ensemble. Did you hear the album? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments.    

Casual Look

Glittery Look

Oct 25, 2010

Fall Trends Guide: Leather

 Leather(real or not) has always been part of our closet. It's an instant rock chic and the real stuff is a true investment since the higher quality pieces barely change years after years. In the past two years ,however, it's been stronger than ever. In 2009 it was limited to jackets, leggings and the occasional dress, but this year there is leather everything. There are all kinds of tops, skirts, bottoms and accessories.
 We see it in almost every collection this fall and is a key piece of our wardrobe this season. The presence of this trend is undoubtedly dominant. We see it in major high fashion brands such as Burberry, Prada, See by Chloe, Phillip Lim, Acne, Alexander Wang, Balmain, Miachael Kors and many more. Luckily, you don't need to rob a bank to afford that trend since in the lower price range there are also plenty of brands such as Asos, Forever 21, Mango, New Yorker etc. that offer wide range of fake leather garments to satisfy low-budget fashionistas.
 Here are some examples of how to wear some of the most trendy leather pieces.   


Leaggings by bloom121 featuring high heels

Leather dress 
Leather Dress

Leather Dress by bloom121 featuring a leather dress

Leather Skirt

Oct 23, 2010

Style Icons: Costumes Ideas for Halloween Part 1

Halloween is almost here and everybody wants to find the perfect costume. If you already have figured what to wear, congrats! But if you, like me, look for some last-minute ideas, look no further. The following costumes are both easy, budget-friendly and fashionable. Among the fashion icons below you will surely  find your perfect Halloween match.

Holly Golightly / Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

 The beautiful Audrey Hepburn looks magnificent in the classic "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Her character is so graceful, confident, cheery and beautiful at the same time. Who wouldn't like to be Holly for a day? Especially when this look is so easy to assemble and totally foolproof.
 Outfit: any classic little black dress that fits and suits you is perfect. Accessories are the key element of this look. You will need some long black gloves, a multi-row pearl necklace (or a couple of necklaces). Opional additions are a big brooch to pin to the necklace and a big black glasses and hat. Put on a comfortable and elegant black shoes and you're one step from turning into Audrey.
  Hair: this is the trickies part of the costume, but if you are good at hairstyling or have a friend who is you should be fine. The beehive, which made it's comeback in the recent years, is Holly's signature. If you can find a pretty tiarait would make a great addition th the hairstyle.Check out some of these youtube tutorials: quick and easy way, one more quickie and a more detailed one .
  Makeup: go for classic cateyes with black eyeliner and if you'd like some fake eyelashes. Lips are in a nude shade. There is a great tut over here.

Coco Chanel

Coco is a brilliant example of personal style that continues to inspire us decade after decate. Her sense of style has changed the way women dress forever. A Coco-inspired look is not at all challengin if you follow some simple instructions.
  Outfit: you can put it together by youself by tryin on different classic pieces of your closet such as black pants and black long-sleeve top, a navy-stripe top, a chic two-piece and so on. Don't forget the accessories- add some pearls, a chain-strap bag, hat. Black flats are Coco's style.
 Hair: Chanel had a short bob, which was often pulled back. I you have long hair and low twisted bud should do.
 Makeup: the focus should be on the lips. Choose a nice rich shade of red ar berry that suits your skin tone. Another option is to keep you makeup minimal- some concaler or foundation and a light lipstick or balm.

Marlilyn Monroe

The ultimate bombshell had a signature style that came hand in hand with great confidence. It's a fun costume to wear and relatively easy to assemble.
 Clothes: being a Marilyn requires a simple white halterneck dress that is widely available in stores, but if you can and would, sewing the simple garment is great idea. Shoes are easy - any white, silver or golden heels wil do. There is no need to accessorize here, but if you want you can put on pearls.
  Hair is essential. If you have blond hair that is not too long you can easily do it by creating messy curl, you can check out this tutorial. If blond in not your color or your hair is not suitable you should find a wig. These are easily found in most cosume stores.Ebay is also an option.
  Makeup: this is also ver important, but not at all complicated. You will need some red lipstick, which you shuld put very carefully, false eyelashes and/or black eyeliner. To complete the look draw Marilyn's famous mole with  liner above your lips. A wonderful tutorial can be found here.

Good luck with your makeovers and don't forget to have fun! Come back for part 2 of the Halloween costumes ideas.

Oct 22, 2010

Fashion Basics: Finding colours that suit you

Many of us are avid fashion magazines' readers and fall for every hot trend. But however fabulous these trend are, they will surely fade away sooner or later. Because of this changeability in fashion styles everybody needs some basic  knowledge on the shapes, fabrics, colors etc. most suitable for you so that you can always come up with some enviable outfit. Having these basics down you are fully equipped to show off your amazing style regardless if you are following the latest trends or rocking you very own style.

 In the first  post of the Fashion Basics series I will show you how to find your perfect colors according to  the following color analysis. 
 Color analysis a way of determining the colors that best suit your natural coloring. There are several methods of analysing personal coloring. The most well-known is "seasonal" color analysis, which places individual coloring into four main categories: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Depending on the category you fall into, your most suitable hues are presented. Don't worry if your favorite color is not for you season. You can wear whatever you want, just let the colors of your season be the prevailing in your look (use them in your dresses, coats, shirts etc.) and add any other hues (that go with the rest of your outfit!)  in your accessories,shoes,makeup etc. 
 So here is how to determine your season:

 To start with the analysis, you will need to find your skin undertone. This is by no means related to your skin color. For example, there are both people with dark cool skin and dark warm skin. The easiest way determine yours is by placing a white piece of paper next to your hand and comparing you skin to it. Try to do this in natural light. 

    If compared to the white paper your skin looks yellowish and your veins look green, you have yellow or golden undertone and are warm toned. Another indication is that you look better in gold than silver.   
    If your skin looks bluish or pinkish and your veins look blue - you have blue or pink undertone and are cool toned. You also look better in silver.
    If you have neither apparent warm nor cool undertones and you look good in both silver and gold, you are considered to be neutral.

In addition to the undertone,there are a few more important factors : hair color, eye color and eye pattern.The combination of the four elements determines your season.


In general: you are cool toned and there is high contrast between your eye-hair-skin color. The pattern of your eyes is probably spoke.There are tree subcategories.

Clear Winter
Skin: Black, deep brown, neutral beige, pale olive, milky white. Usually translucent.
Hair: Black, chestnut, medium brown, or dark brown hair.
Eyes: Charcoal gray, blue, dark brown or violet.
Best colors: 
Deep Winter
Skin: Black, medium beige, black-brown, or olive with no pink or peach undertones.
Hair: Black-brown, medium brown, steel gray, or salt & pepper.
Eyes: Black, black-brown, or dark hazel.
Best colors: 

Cool Winter
Skin: Cool brown, olive, or neutral beige.
Hair: Blue-black, silver, salt & pepper. No red tones.
Eyes: Charcoal gray, blue, dark brown or violet.
Best colors:


In general:  the undertone is cool, there is gentle contrast between colors, eye pattern is probably delicate cracked glass.

Light Summer
Skin: Pale beige, porcelain, ivory or pink beige. (Usually pink-toned.)
Hair: Light to medium ash blonde or light to medium ash brown.
Eyes: Blue, grey or green.
Best colors:

Soft Summer
Skin: Light to medium neutral beige, ivory.
Hair: Light to medium ash brown, mousy brown. May have blonde in it.
Eyes: Gray-blue, hazel or soft turquoise.
Best colors: 

Cool Summer
Skin: Ivory, pink beige, gray beige, or neutral beige.
Hair: Medium to deep ash brown. Little to no red tones.
Eyes: Gray, blue, or slate.
Best colors: 

In general: your undertone is warm and usually pale, your eye pattern is probably round sunburst.

 Light Spring
Skin: Ivory with peach tones, pink beige.
Hair: Light to medium golden blonde, ash blonde or light to medium brown.
Eyes: Blue, green, turquoise, or light hazel.
Best colors: 

Clear Spring
Skin: Bronze, deep warm brown, brown-black, light ivory, light peach, or porcelain.
Hair: Medium to dark brown, or brown-black. May have red highlights.
Eyes: Turquoise blue, green, golden brown or topaz.
Best colors:

Warm Spring
Skin: Bronze, golden beige, ivory, or porcelain. May have freckles.
Hair: Light golden brown, red, strawberry blonde, or deep golden blonde.
Eyes: Topaz, olive green, light hazel, or warm turqouise.
Best colors: 



In general: your coloring is warm and low-contrast and your eye pattern is probably an Aztec sun with swirls and spots.


Deep Autumn
Skin: Warm beige, neutral beige, golden brown, dark brown, olive.
Hair: Medium brown, medium to deep auburn, dark brown deep chestnut or black.
Eyes: Dark brown, dark hazel, black, or dark green.
Best colors: 


Soft Autumn

Skin: Ivory, neutral beige, warm beige, golden brown.
Hair: Golden blonde to medium brown or mousy brown. May have blonde or red highlights.
Eyes: Light brown, soft hazel, blue, or gray-green.
Best colors: 

Warm Autumn
Skin: Bronze, golden brown, golden beige, ivory, or warm beige.
Hair: Medium golden brown, red, auburn, strawberry blonde or golden blonde.
Eyes: Brown, olive green, hazel or topaz.
Best colors: 

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you found it helpful and I'd appreciate it if you leave any suggestions or opinions in the comments.

Oct 19, 2010


Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog!

 In my very first post I would like to give you a summary of the purpose of Burst in Style.

 First of all I'd like to write posts on the currently hottest  trends. I know that's nothing new, but the unique in this blog will be the way the trends are presented - pleasing my dear readers is my number one priority and because of that there will be some original features, practical directions and some humor in every post of mine. 
 Secondly, I want to create posts that inspire you and give you ideas to integrate in your very own style. As a source for inspiration I will use various things: songs, TV shows, movies, people, daily objects, books etc. I hope that my ideas will be of help in    developing your style. 
 Also , I will post DIY tutorials about fashion and beauty. 
 And last, but not least, I will write not only about fashion but about style in general so you can expect almost anything but I will most certainly do many posts on makeup trend reports.

 I am determined to update this blog daily and would really appreciate it if you leave some feedback and ideas!

XoXo, Dessy
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