Quantcast Burst in Style: Anna Paquin Poses For Terry Richardson

Dec 16, 2010

Anna Paquin Poses For Terry Richardson

Anna Paquin in "Dazed and Confused" magazine Januaty 2011 by Terry Richardson
  "True Blood" hottie Anna Paquin is all smiles on the cover of  Dazed & Confused   Magazine's January 2011 issue. 
  Terry Richardson, who recently kissed sweetly with Tom Ford, is the photographer.
  Check out what Anna shared in the interview and see more shoots:

  On feeling older than she is because she looks younger: 
"Yes, but I’ve stopped looking like a teenager, which I am pleased about – I feel like I looked like a teenager for way longer than most people do. There is a certain sort of thing where people will look at you and think they know what your degree of life understanding and life experience is. Eventually, when people get to know you they realise you’re not some young flake – despite the fact that you look like you should be carded to go to an R-rated movie"

  On moving from LA to NYC:
"I swore I would never leave New York, come hell or high water, because I loved it… but I really love living in LA. And then as I kept deferring school to go work, and then my class graduated without me, I stopped pretending I was going to go back."

On changing priorities after marriage:
"I am ambitious, but some of the things I’m focused on have changed a bit. When I wasn’t married and had all the time in the world to focus exclusively on work, work, work, more work… that was what I did. At this point, there are other things that are important to me, so to take some job that would take me to someplace for six months becomes a different sort of decision. Now I have a home that I would be leaving and people who I would miss."

On True Blood changing her life with meeting her hubby there: 
"Yeah, it’s all right. I guess they cast him and me in that combination because they thought we had chemistry. As it turns out, that wasn’t too far off the mark."


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