Quantcast Burst in Style: Emma Stone Graces "W" January 2011

Dec 29, 2010

Emma Stone Graces "W" January 2011

  Emma Stone, who recently went blonde for her "Spider-Man" role, is back to red in the January 2011 issue of "W" magazine. 
  The "Easy A" actress looks beautiful on the cover, wearing Gucci Spring 2011 corset and pants. On the photos inside she rocks a Prada dress also from their Spring 2011 collection.
  You can't help but love Emma after reading her honest interview, revealing her witty and down-to-earth personality.
  See part of the interview and more photos nelow:

On convincing her parents to move to L.A. with a Power Point presentation: 
"There was a chart; there was the song “Hollywood,” by Madonna; and there were pictures of actors like Sarah Jessica Parker, who had started young, in order to explain why we needed to move to L.A. when I was 14 instead of waiting to graduate from high school. There was a fair amount of alliteration in the presentation. It was some really heady stuff. [Laughs.] But I convinced them. When I was 14, my mom and I left Phoenix for pilot season. And…nothing happened. I didn’t get my first big part until I was 18."

On choosing comedy:"I don’t think people thought comedy was my M.O., and it was. They always cast me as “the girlfriend” or “the young girl with attitude.” I would lose my mind if I felt like I had to be something like “the pretty girl.” When I was auditioning five or six times a week, they’d send me the descriptions of characters. And if it said “beautiful” or “gorgeous” or even “pretty,” my manager would delete it before sending it to me. Otherwise I’d immediately call him and say: “I will not be cast. It’s not going to happen.” Not to put myself down, but I just always thought I’d be a comedian. It was way more important to be funny or honest than to look a certain way.".

On sex scenes in "Easy A""That was my favorite scene in the script. But when we actually shot it, I learned how difficult it is to simulate sex for that long, from that many angles. Simulation of sex is a real workout. We must have done a hundred takes. There was an oxygen tank at one point. It took two days. Simulated sex is really fun, but it’s not easy."

Read the rest here.


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