Quantcast Burst in Style: Maria Sharapova Dazzling For InStyle Russia

Dec 30, 2010

Maria Sharapova Dazzling For InStyle Russia

  Russian Tennis player and model Maria Sharapova looks glorious in gold on the cover of InStyle magazine's December 2010 issue.  
  The beautiful blonde poses in some gorgeous winter fashion and discusses her wedding plans, her fiance - Sasha, career and more.
  See the shoots and part of the interview:

On career and family plans: " I really like what I'm working on, and I believe I can achieve even greater ... Sasha and I know that we have each other, and we will support each other. He has - hard career, I have - very heavy, and moreover not very long. After some time we were waiting for family life, we are well aware of this and look at the future ... kind eyes. We are calmly waiting for that moment when our careers will be finished and we can spend more time together.''

On her future husband: "He's a very quiet man. He was funny. He has a lot of work. I like to watch how he trains. He is a very family. Beautiful. Of course, beautiful."

On children: " This is still far away. You know, when you asked is whether I have my wedding ... So, I've always fantasized about a time when I have kids. Because I love children. Maybe it's because of the fact that my mom was very young when I was born, and now we had very close friends. She was twenty ... However, for me, this train seems to have already left."


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