Quantcast Burst in Style: Pretty Little Liars Returns! Fashion Recap Of Episode 11

Jan 4, 2011

Pretty Little Liars Returns! Fashion Recap Of Episode 11

    Almost half a year passed since we last enjoyed our guilty pleasure - the mystery/drama TV show "Pretty Little Liars", based on Sara Shepard's bestselling book series.
    To be honest, I wasn't loving the plot when the show first got on air, but my resistance didn't last too long as I ended up addicted not only to the the show, but to the books as well. So in case you haven't given it a chance yet, I encourage you to watch a a few episodes and see if don't fall in love with it.
   So in the last episode we saw the 4 girls at the Mona's birthday "glamping", where they sported some crazy big hair and rather casual outfits while struggling to find A's identity.
  Now the pretty band has returned and their style is back on track with more elegant and trendy attire.  

Aria Montgomery

At the beginning of the episode Aria looks cute and casual in an eggplant-colored beanie and denim-blue top with simple silvery necklace.
Later Aria rocks three of the hottest trends - leopard print (BCBGMAXAZRIA cardigan), purple and shorts with tights. 
   Played by the gorgeous Lucy Hale, Aria is probably my favorite character on the show. The main reason for that I love her unique edgy bohemian style. Her outfits are always unpredictable and are a fresh mixture of different styles, which Aria wears with great confidence. 

Emily Fields
Emily trusts her signature style, wearing comfy and casual, mixing in something trendy. In this case she chose lace to update her look.

Emily, played by 
Shay Mitchell, is known for her practical fashion choices. Her style is comfortable and relaxed. However, she manages to stay stylish by incorporating a trendy piece to her outfits.

Spencer Hastings
Spencer is always classy. Even while wearing more casual clothes.
Spencer, played by the beautiful Troian Bellisario, is always the most elegantly dresses character on the show. Her style is preppy and often vintage-inspired. She often wears feminine pieces, but also rocks sporty looks.

Hanna Marin

Chic even in the hospital, Hanna is undoubtedly the show's fashionista.

Hanna Marin, played by Ashley Benson, is the ultimate fashionista - she is always wearing the most fashionable attire and spends a lot of time shopping in luxurious boutiques and reading fashion magazine. Even though she was on hospital bed the entire episode, Hanna refuses to look boring and sported cute and feminine nightwear.   


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