Quantcast Burst in Style: Megan Fox Graces Madame Figaro

Jan 8, 2011

Megan Fox Graces Madame Figaro

  Megan Fox, who recently starred in an Armani Beauty ad, appears on the cover on the French magazine "Madame Figaro".
  The ''Jennifer's Body" actress looks beautiful in navy and discusses (complains about) celebrity life, childhood, her husband - Brian Austin Green and more. 
  Check out the shoot and try to feel sorry (irony) for Megan's "fame prison" below:

On her negative media image: The stories that circulate about me are very strange. The media have made a character who is not me. But I tell myself that one day it will eventually come out. The public will see that I'm normal and that my life is boring and ordinary.
On rebellious childhood: My mother says I was born rebel. I spent the first three days of my life screaming. At 4 years, I pricked anger because I did not have the size needed to climb into the roller coaster. It's simple, I was not afraid of anything.
On her casual style: A pair of sweatpants I can not live without. And boots. After I put on my cap, I flap the hood of my parka, and I go completely unnoticed. I'm so small that people generally consider me a kid. I do not dress, I'm hiding. 
On how hard is being famous:It is a life so strange that nothing and nobody can prepare you . It is not meant to live this strange and lonely existence. It is a confinement.And yet, compared to others, like Britney or Eminem, I'm doing really well. At their level, fame is a prison.
On her husban’s support:With him I feel normal.When I tried to live as a recluse, he, instead, pushes me out and said, "Go, put your hat and we'll walk. Be normal, whatever, get out! 


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