Quantcast Burst in Style: Tom Ford On Fashion,Beauty & Sexuality In Interview Magazine

Jan 26, 2011

Tom Ford On Fashion,Beauty & Sexuality In Interview Magazine

   Tom Ford is dashing on the cover of the February 2011 issue of Interview magazine. The designer as well as pieces from his latest collection are lensed by Craig McDean.
  The painter John Currin (husband to another of Ford’s presentation muses, the artist Rachel Feinstein) interviews Tom, who freely talks about his idea of beauty, sexuality, his movie, fashion  and more.

   On first memories of seeing beauty: "My grandmother was probably the first person who I thought was beautiful. She was incredibly stylish, she had big hair, big cars. I was probably 3 years old, but she was like a cartoon character."

   On his movie being autobiographical:" The character played by Julianne [Moore] was quite literally based on my grandmother. It’s funny, that movie was cathartic for me. It was really my midlife crisis on the screen. [Currin laughs] It was! I was working through all of those earlier notions of what was important in life. "

   On his misinterpreted media image:" I think most people don’t actually know me. They know the projection of me that I use to sell things. And they know me from an expression of material beauty. I’m actually very introverted. I’m very shy. I’m very emotional. "

   On female vs. male nudity:"We’re very comfortable objectifying women. Women go out and they are basically wearing nothing. Their feet and toes are exposed, their legs are exposed, their breasts are exposed. Everything is exposed—the neck, the arms. You have to be really physically perfect, as a woman, in our culture to be considered beautiful. But full frontal male nudity challenges us. It makes men nervous. It makes women nervous."

   On opposite sex attraction: I lust after beautiful women. First of all, I love women. But I lust after beautiful women in the way that I lust after a beautiful piece of sculpture—this will probably get me in trouble—or a beautiful car. I believe everyone’s on a sliding scale of sexuality. There are moments where I am sexually attracted to women. But it doesn’t overpower my first impulse; my lust for them is the same as my lust for beauty in all things. It’s not like I ever think, “Oh, my god, I’ve got to spread her legs and fuck her.”



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