Quantcast Burst in Style: January Jones Glams Up For Times

Mar 11, 2011

January Jones Glams Up For Times

   January Jones once again allures us with her beauty on the cover of March 5th's issue of The Times.
   The Mad Men actress, who recently shot a steaming campaign for Versace, looks impeccable in elegant designs discusses ther character in the show, Grace Kelly and more in the interview.

   On her character, Betty: “I had no idea she would become so dark, complex, and weird. I wear three petticoats and a girdle, so I literally become this very tight person….I want her storylines to be controversial. It’s no fun being good. I enjoy playing a bad character because it’s not how I am in real life. To have people dislike Betty means I’m doing my job well.”

   On comparisons to Grace Kelly: “I’ve been offered a couple of TV movies playing Grace Kelly and there was no way I would touch them with a 7 foot pole. It would be career suicide. No one would watch them and come away saying anything other than, ‘She’s so not Grace Kelly.’ Cate Blanchett got it right as Katharine Hepburn, but generally it doesn’t matter how much you look like that person or how good an actor you are, it’s impossible.”

   On whether she’d ever have plastic surgery: “It it makes you feel good about yourself, although I wouldn’t have anything done to my lips. I wouldn’t be averse to having something pulled back and up, but I can’t deal with the idea of my skin being taken off my face. ” 

Richard Nicoll bustier and Burberry Prorsum pants.

Alexander McQueen dress


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