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Feb 16, 2011

2011 Grammy Awards Fashion: Worst Dresses Vote

  This year's Grammy Awards were quite a delight fashionwise, but no event has ever passed without the occasional celebrities that apparently made their stylist hate them.
   We already have our list of Best Dresses (don't forget to vote) and now we present you the unluky stars of the night, whose outfits were the most disappointing.

Jump in to see the Worst Dressed celebs of the event.

Cyndi Lauper

Jordin Sparks
   Jordin is a great singer ,but there is nothing great abou this look. The dress itself is not too bad but neither the shiny fabric, nor the silhouette are particularly flattering. The silver shoes just make it worse.

 Katy Perry
   Katy, you have such a beautiful figure, why ruin it with that "dress"? Seriously, the "skirt" of the gown is one of the most senseless designs I've seen and the fabric looks like plastic bag. Maybe that's a reference to her Firework lyrics: "like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind".

Miley Cyrus 
   Miley, unlike Selena, doesn't seem to be able to develop an elegant style. The Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011 dress she wore was just too much of everything - too sequined, too long, too animal-printed and is made her curvy but slim figure look bulkier. Add to this a lot of big bangles and you have a disaster.

   Rihanna is ironically one of the Best Dressed as well, wearing a Dior gown on stage, but on the red carped she disappoints. The S&M singer went to far and not quite tastefully with this risque Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Couture 2011 dress. With all these ruffles it loses any sex appeal, which was probably what Rihanna went for but failed miserably.

   Ciara is another example of trying too hard to be sexy. That Pucci Spring 2011 dress just had too much going on. The singer showed so many skin that it got boring - the leg, the side cut-out bodice and low neckline take all the elegance and style out of this look. 

Hayley Williams
   As cute as she looks with that hairstyle, Hayley just failed with the dress. With all the sequins, the sheer waist and the pink puffy skirt, it looks like something a cique artist would wear. Sorry, but it's not red-carped appropriate.

Now that you've seen our picks, it's time to choose:

  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Jordin Sparks
  • Katy Perry
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Rihanna
  • Ciara
  • Hayley Williams


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