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Nov 24, 2010

How To Store Your Perfumes & My Collection

  Perfumes are something that is worth splurging on. Usually the more expensive a fragrance is, the more long lasting and strong it is therefore you need only the tiniest bit of the magical liquid to smell gorgeous all day long. 
  However, if perfumes aren't stored properly their chemical composition changes, they no longer smell that good, don't last as long, change in color and even begin to evaporate.

To protect your precious scents here is what you shoud do: 

  • Keep the packing!
 It's true the bottles are soo pretty and look just perfect on your dressing table, but think twice before tossing their boxes. The volatilization of fragrances is caused by the high content of alcohol. The packing and the lid must be kept in order to protect it from air and sunlight that make it vaporize. 

  • Some don't like it hot!
You should keep perfumes away from direct sunlight and high temperature as well, which can prevent the perfume from color change and flavour reversion. If you leave a perfume in direct sunlight during the summer, it will "spoil" in just a few hours and you will be left with a stinky mess with strange color. The best place to store your collection would be somewhere dry and dark. 

  • Keep perfumes upside down!
 The perfume evaporates through the pipe because of the constant pressure upon it while the bottle is with the lid up. Keeping the perfume upside down leaves the bottom dry so the pipe's end has no contact with the perfume. This way the liquid can't evaporate through it. 

  • Mind the leftovers!
When there is more air than liquid in the bottle the oxidation of the perfume and it's change happen faster. This doesn't mean you have to throw away your scent when it's half full of coarse - the oxidation is a really slow process. What you can do is: when there are just 10-20 ml of liquid left, to keep it fresh,  move it to one of those purse-size bottles with atomizer. In the small bottle the parfume content will be more then the air.

  • Keep it clean!
There shuld be no dust or dirt around the atomizer. Clean it up with some alcohol and let it air-dry before putting the bottle back in the box.

And here is my humble collection, which I will soon review:

Left to right: SJP - Lovely, Versace - Versace Woman, SJP - Covet.

Kenzo - Amour,  Escada - Magnetic Beat.

Left to right: Lolita Lempicka - Lolita Lempicka, Nina Ricci - Nina, YSL - Baby Doll.

Jil Sander - Style, Gucci - Gucci Eau de Parfum II.


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