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Oct 23, 2010

Style Icons: Costumes Ideas for Halloween Part 1

Halloween is almost here and everybody wants to find the perfect costume. If you already have figured what to wear, congrats! But if you, like me, look for some last-minute ideas, look no further. The following costumes are both easy, budget-friendly and fashionable. Among the fashion icons below you will surely  find your perfect Halloween match.

Holly Golightly / Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

 The beautiful Audrey Hepburn looks magnificent in the classic "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Her character is so graceful, confident, cheery and beautiful at the same time. Who wouldn't like to be Holly for a day? Especially when this look is so easy to assemble and totally foolproof.
 Outfit: any classic little black dress that fits and suits you is perfect. Accessories are the key element of this look. You will need some long black gloves, a multi-row pearl necklace (or a couple of necklaces). Opional additions are a big brooch to pin to the necklace and a big black glasses and hat. Put on a comfortable and elegant black shoes and you're one step from turning into Audrey.
  Hair: this is the trickies part of the costume, but if you are good at hairstyling or have a friend who is you should be fine. The beehive, which made it's comeback in the recent years, is Holly's signature. If you can find a pretty tiarait would make a great addition th the hairstyle.Check out some of these youtube tutorials: quick and easy way, one more quickie and a more detailed one .
  Makeup: go for classic cateyes with black eyeliner and if you'd like some fake eyelashes. Lips are in a nude shade. There is a great tut over here.

Coco Chanel

Coco is a brilliant example of personal style that continues to inspire us decade after decate. Her sense of style has changed the way women dress forever. A Coco-inspired look is not at all challengin if you follow some simple instructions.
  Outfit: you can put it together by youself by tryin on different classic pieces of your closet such as black pants and black long-sleeve top, a navy-stripe top, a chic two-piece and so on. Don't forget the accessories- add some pearls, a chain-strap bag, hat. Black flats are Coco's style.
 Hair: Chanel had a short bob, which was often pulled back. I you have long hair and low twisted bud should do.
 Makeup: the focus should be on the lips. Choose a nice rich shade of red ar berry that suits your skin tone. Another option is to keep you makeup minimal- some concaler or foundation and a light lipstick or balm.

Marlilyn Monroe

The ultimate bombshell had a signature style that came hand in hand with great confidence. It's a fun costume to wear and relatively easy to assemble.
 Clothes: being a Marilyn requires a simple white halterneck dress that is widely available in stores, but if you can and would, sewing the simple garment is great idea. Shoes are easy - any white, silver or golden heels wil do. There is no need to accessorize here, but if you want you can put on pearls.
  Hair is essential. If you have blond hair that is not too long you can easily do it by creating messy curl, you can check out this tutorial. If blond in not your color or your hair is not suitable you should find a wig. These are easily found in most cosume stores.Ebay is also an option.
  Makeup: this is also ver important, but not at all complicated. You will need some red lipstick, which you shuld put very carefully, false eyelashes and/or black eyeliner. To complete the look draw Marilyn's famous mole with  liner above your lips. A wonderful tutorial can be found here.

Good luck with your makeovers and don't forget to have fun! Come back for part 2 of the Halloween costumes ideas.


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