Quantcast Burst in Style: 80s Flashback: Madonna In Out Magazine

Mar 23, 2011

80s Flashback: Madonna In Out Magazine

   Madonna's 24-year-old self shines in the April 2011 edition of Out Magazine, joining Britney as star of the issue. 
   The magazine delivers epic unseen photos of the pop icon, taken way back by photographer Richard Corman in 1982, just a year before she became mega-famous. Out features a whole bunch of the snaps of Madge in doing her thing in NYC
   We see her strolling around the city and having fun while looking amazing and bad-ass with her trademark then  - eye-catching eyebrows and curly and unruly blonde bob. 
    The shoot is a true gem, making us nostalgic of the "original" Madonna and her edgy, 
un-autotuned songs that every rebel knew by heart.  


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